Digital or analogue we can get you up to speed!

Digital or analogue, no problems! Here at ADTA, we have the tools to up-skill your drivers.

Tachograph Training

At ADTA, we can train your staff in digital and analogue tachograph legislation, operation and documentation to drivers, staff and management. They will be equipped with all the knowledge, materials and information required. We can provide you with the necessary software to download, store & read the relevant data necessary for an inspection from the RSA.

Last year a large number of operators were required, by the Road Safety Authority, to submit analogue charts and digital tachograph files for 3 months operations. It is likely that this request for tachograph data will increase both in volume and frequency.

So are you ready if this request is sent to you to submit your tachograph records to the RSA?

Course Content (9am - 5pm)

Provides the necessary tools to effectively manage the operation of both Analogue and Digital Tachograph as follows:

  • Pictogram Guide
  • Tachograph Infringement report
  • Vehicle Unit printout reference
  • Driver Attestation form
  • Practical use of Digital Simulator
  • Preparation for RSA inspection

LEVEL 1 Driver

  • Registration
  • Legislative background drivers hours, breaks and rest periods
  • Analogue Charts (front and rear) /Analogue Digital Tachograph operation
  • Dealing with Tachograph infringements/Roadside check form
  • Responsibilities of Driver both Analogue and Digital Tachograph
  • Drivers card how and where to apply
  • Using digital Tachograph simulator
  • Manual entries
  • Printouts
  • Assessment knowledge/feedback

LEVEL 2 Driver and Manager
Day 1 as per Level 1

Day 2

  • Recap on previous day
  • Presentation from participant analysis of analogue Tachograph chart
  • Presentation from participant on the operation of digital use of simulator i.e. VU download, software use
  • Analysis of printout/pictograms
  • Driver Attestation
  • Responsibilities and duties of Manager i.e. calibration requirements/downloading
  • Procedures for infringing Drivers
  • Complete written exam certificate will be issued on completion

LEVEL 2 Driver and Manager
Days 1 & 2 as per Levels 1 & 2

Day 3

  • View on site records both Analogue and Digital
  • Download vehicle unit demonstration
  • Use of company card transfer data, read data
  • Analysis of data transfer on IT software
  • Download Driver cards, analysing Drivers data from IT system, storing/filing data
  • Issuing of Infringement reports to Drivers
  • Questions and Answers


  • Reduce exposure of the company
  • Maintain your business reputation
  • Reduce stress on managers and drivers
  • All participants will be aware of their duties under tachograph and working time legislation

Please Note:
This intensive course will also include a follow-up call on-site for one hour to inspect that all procedures are being followed through within a month of course completion.

Certification will be issued on completion of exam and assessment.

For further details contact 044 9345740 / 9310207 or Yvonne 086 795 8001