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Driver Training

Driving Lessons

Taking your driving test can be a daunting prospect but having the highest quality driving lessons will ensure you have the best possible chance of passing 1st time, and that is what you will get by learning with ADTA.

Essential Driver Training (EDT) is a training course teaching fundamental driving skills to learner car drivers. EDT is mandatory to all learners who received their first driving permit on or after 4 April 2011.

Jeep & Trailor Lessons

ADTA can provide our fully branded 2015 Volkswagen Tiguan and our box trailer which is available for tuition and your driving test.

With a Category ‘BE’ (Car & Trailer) driving licence you can tow a trailer

If you need to tow a Horsebox or trailer with a jeep or car with a gross vehicle weight of over 750Kg then you must hold a full EB Licence. Without the correct licence (category EB), you are not insured and could be prosecuted.

In recent months the law is really being enforced. In fact the Gardai are now actively pursuing vehicles towing trailers on the road and checking that the driver is in possession of the correct licence - without this correct licence (category BE), you are not insured and could be prosecuted.

Our Prices

  • Trailer Lessons with Instructor                                     

€60.00 per hour | €80.00 hr and a half

  • Hire of jeep and trailer for test                                    

€180.00inc 1 hr lesson before

  • Trailer only for test


  • Trailer on its own for hire                                            

€50.00 per hour | €70.00 hr and a half                                                                

  • Instructor only if using your own jeep and trailer         

€45.00 per hour 

We offer a wide variety of courses designed to suit the ability of pupils at all levels.

INTENSIVE The intensive course usually starts on Sunday or Monday and finishes on Friday. It is ideal for those who are in a hurry, who could not otherwise find the time. If you want a test at the end of the course you would need to book the course and pass the theory test well in advance of the required start date (i.e. at least one month in advance).

SEMI INTENSIVE The same content as the intensive course, but the training is spread over a few weeks to suit your schedule. This is the most popular form of intensive training, it is designed for people who want to pass their test quickly but at a more comfortable pace than the intensive

BOOSTER A 10 / 15 hour course designed for those who are nearing test standard, but need a short burst of lessons to prior to test. This includes 2 hours for test.

WEEKLY LESSONS Whether you want an hour a week or 10 hours a week I´m quite happy and flexible enough to fit in around your needs. Please give me a call or fill in the on-line contact form, and I will contact you as soon as I can.

Pricing Structure:


Choose this option if you would like to pay as you go and have flexability



Book 10 or more driving lessons NOW, paid in advance and Save €50.00



Book your 12 Mandatory Driving Lessons NOW which complete's your EDT Syllabus, paid in advance and Save €60.00



Do you wish to use our school car for the day of your test? No problem! We will also give you a pre-test lesson before your test to help you get ready and eliminate of any of them pre-test nervous!