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Yvonne Kinnarney- Founder/Managing Director of ADTA

Challenging people’s perception is what I love to do;

Whether it is helping a client achieve what they once thought was impossible, to building a leading transport consulting and training company at a young age, to climbing one of Ireland’s highest mountains – twice – despite a fear of heights!

My passion and drive, to constantly deliver a top class service to my clients, has allowed ADTA develop into the only company in Ireland providing an extensive range of services under one roof. A one stop shop for all your transport training needs. Courses such as CPC Transport Management and ADR /DGSA (of 7 providers in Ireland I am the only woman), Jeep and Trailer lessons, Driver CPC, and Tachograph training. However the real jewel in the ADTA crown is something that I am passionate about, the expert consultation that we offer and perform.

My vision is for ADTA to be Ireland’s leading consulting and training organisation, by providing all transport businesses with tailored, bespoke and expert advice on how to promote a successful, fully compliant business.

While my list of qualifications is extensive and impressive however this is only part of my story. I expertly guide and coach my clients by tapping into my own considerable drive and commitment to help them. With my in-depth knowledge of the transport industry and it’s related regulations this is invaluable to the process. For many clients I am their go to mentor.

I help clients:

  • To recognise and plan how transport regulations can actually make their individual businesses more successful with less downtime in vehicles , reduced staff turnover, less supervision of staff, and greater job satisfaction for all concerned
  • To avoid having to pay extensive and financially crippling fines and penalties. This also helps operators avoid possible criminal prosecution due to breaches of compliance with regulations
  • To overhaul their existing transport practices and guide them step by step on how to develop and most importantly, maintain, a smooth running transport operation that is fully compliant, thus removing the associated stress, worry and financial implications.
  • To set up their own transport businesses despite limited formal education.
  • To successfully pass transport exams without exception of the challenge. My determination skills and compassion have helped those with learning or language difficulties in reading or writing, people with dyslexia, or those who left school at an early age, to navigate their way through transport exams, successfully pass them, and build careers for themselves.

I have chosen two case studies to give you a taste of the range of services that we offer……..

Case Study 1: Transport Manager

In January 2016, I accepted a 21 year old female client called Rebecca, who had concerns she could not pass her transport management exam. I trained her and used my coaching skills to maximise her true potential. I was able to challenge her, to grow her knowledge and to develop her skills. Rebecca successfully passed the exam.  From that she has progressed to work as a transport manager with a highly successful International transport company. Since this she has obtained a Rigid and Artic license, and in 2017 was shortlisted as one of the top 5 Women in Transport - Fleet Transport Awards 2017. The winner will be announced in September 2017. I have maintained regular contact with Rebecca since 2016, providing mentorship and advice to her. There is no doubt that this young lady Rebecca has a promising career ahead of her cemented by the foundations created by ADTA.

Case Study 2: Transport Company facing Prosecution

I provided consulting services to a client with over 40 vehicles spread across 5 depots throughout the country. The client had a visit from an RSA Inspector that was a follow up from a random roadside inspection. The inspector investigated what procedures were in place for monitoring drivers’ hours.

While this appears like a simple request the outcome was a lengthy RSA inspection. The RSA completed and presented a report issuing the company with 13 infringements.  These infringements left the company facing a court appearance with related costs and potential fines of up to €65,000 (€5,000 for each infringement).

Without systems in place for downloading and analysing data, the company contracted my services, through ADTA, to assist them in setting up this process. I attended an onsite meeting with the business owner and transport manager to identify the needs of the company to ensure compliance with the regulations.

Relevant systems were put in place and implemented, designed to meet the needs of the company, for downloading and analysing their data. The business owner and transport managers of two depots were trained in CPC Management. All drivers and vehicles were then analysed to ensure full compliance.

Prior to the court proceedings, I was also able to guide and advise the company’s solicitor on the very specialised and technical transport regulations, thus bringing him up to speed. The company was facing up to €65,000 in fines so it was vital that he knew what to expect.

In court, 7 of the 13 infringements were dropped due to the fact that the company had made significant efforts in setting up and implementing relevant policies and procedures. In addition to this, the Judge, having heard evidence of the initial report and the subsequent work undertaken to become compliant with the regulations, he only fined the company €50 per infringement, which amounted to €300 plus costs.

ADTA and I continue to work closely with this company, on an annual basis, to assist them with monitoring their systems, with driver assessments for insurance purposes, and offering general advice and assistance.



  • Transport Manager in haulage & bus
  • Tachograph Analyst
  • ADI Instructor B,BE,D,CE
  • RSA Driver CPC Trainer
  • ADR Trainer
  • DGSA
  • Fire Warden Instructor
  • FAR Instructor
  • CFR Instructor
  • Manual Handling Instructor

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